Top 5 Product Meetups in London

Sept 20, 2023
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Danielle Bowman

As the trusted Product Recruiter of London’s best start-ups, we know a thing or two about meetups – especially Product ones. We also know that everyone is different and likes to network in different ways. Therefore, we’ve summarised everything we know about London’s Product meet up scene to help you find the right event to suit your needs, personality or preferences.

Whether you’re into keynote speeches, intimate chats over coffee, safe spaces or free bars into the early hours, we’ve pulled together our Top 5 Product Management Meetups in London to help you find the event for you.

1. Best female-friendly meetup

Women in Product London  

‘Women in Product’ is a safe space for women in product to connect and share their learnings on a wide range of topics. From keynote style presentations to informal meetups, it’s a friendly community that aims to empower women navigating a career in product. We’re sure you’ll also pick up some great friends along the way too!  

How much does it cost? Free  

2. Best meet-up for Product Leaders

Product Supper Club by Found by Few

Unlike a larger meetup, Supper Clubs are great networking events for those who like to like to have high-quality and intimate conversation with their leadership peers. Found By Few’s Product-Leader's Supper Club brings CPOs, Product Directors and VP Product’s together to meet, network and share insights at some of London’s top eateries. If you’re looking for a more intimate conversation, where you can connect with Leadership peers then this event is for you.  

How much does it cost? Free (but it’s invite-only so register your interest by emailing

3. Best After Work Drinks Meetup

Product Pints

If you’re a social butterfly who likes to make the most of London’s pub scene then Product Pints might be the event for you. This meetup is great for anyone wanting to connect with fellow product people in a fun, informal and, dare we say, slightly intoxicated way. You’ll just as likely end up talking to a wannabee Product Manager as you will a Head of Product. Product Pints will suit anyone who prefers networking over drinks in a more relaxed setting. The clue’s in the name!

How much does it cost? Free (until the money behind the bar runs out)

4. Best Product Conference


If you’re looking to meet the who’s who of the Product world - and you want your picture taken in front of signage for your social media post the next day - then ProductCon might be for you. However, please be aware, it’s not cheap and most people attending will have had their tickets paid for by their company. If the price doesn’t scare you then you can’t get much better than the ‘world's largest product conference’. Some of the biggest tech brands in the world all flock here so it’s perfect for anyone wanting to learn from, and connect with, some of the best minds in product.

How much does it cost? A lot. For up-to-date prices email

5. Best Meetup for Product Alternatives

Dead Product Society  

Dead Product Society might not only have the best name in all of meetup land, but its down-to-earth approach to networking means it’s a better fit for those looking to network after work but at a more low-key affair than Product Pints. DPS intentionally keep the drinks on the smaller side to allow for more in-depth conversations. It’s a meetup open to anyone, regardless of experience, so is a great place for people to become mentors or mentees.  If you’re bored of the more traditional format and are looking for something a bit more niche or considered than give this one a go.

How much does it cost? Free


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